Civilwarland: in bad decline


Redesign a cover for a trade paperback edition of Civil War Land in Bad Decline: Stories and a Novella, with a solution interpreted from the content and/or style of the novel and/or the author.


Within the satirical stories which make up the book, Civilwarland is an immersive history theme park in a dystopian future. Elite “normals” and mutant employees seek respite and transformation within flawed and jingoistic depictions of the past.


Typefaces Used: Six Caps, Abril Text

Paper Stock: Red River 60lb Matte Polar

Cover: 5.32 in x 8.51 in
Spine: .5 in x 8.51 in
Flaps: 3.5 in x 8.51 in

Production: Printed via 6 color inkjet process

Photographer: Self