Old house gardens

Project Brief

Create a complete promotional system for the company, Old House Gardens Heirloom Bulbs, that is cost efficient and maintains the integrity of the company as a whole.


Old House Gardens is a company devoted to the education and preservation of heirloom bulbs. Their goal is to spread the word about the rich history and culture each bulb possesses and being a consumer outlet to purchase these specific at risk bulbs.


Typefaces Used: DIN Next LT Pro

Photography: Library of Congress



Monthly Mailer Booklet + Poster

Monthly mailers are sent to Old House Gardens subscribers and loyal customers. Each month a booklet is created to showcase a specific flower genus. Each mailer comes with the back story of where an endangered flower was found and rescued, historical background, general information, and helpful tips for having a successful garden. When the booklets are unfolded they create a poster that showcases the specific flower of the month as well as include an interactive element for the consumer to use in their garden.