Simple Hardware


Create a complete promotional system for the theoretical company, Simple Hardware, that is cost efficient and engaging while still maintaining the integrity of the company as a whole.


Simple Hardware is a retailer-owned cooperative of hardware and home improvement stores with each store being independently owned and operated by local entrepreneurs that position themselves as a service-oriented alternative to hardware chain stores.


Picking the correct hardware the first time is difficult while hardware isles remain daunting and difficult to navigate through. Incorporating a design giving order to chaos while creating an interactive and hands on approach allows for the simplest of branding materials to be multi use while to more sophomoric content headlines provide an air of ease and humor.


Typefaces Used: Knockout, Rockwell, Trade Gothic



The guide is one or a proposed series created for a speculative big-book hardware store providing comprehensible detailed information about each section of the store to inexperienced DIY customers. The guide aims to better ground customers in the organization of each section, and to allow them to ask more informed questions.